E-Insites Site Hosting SUXS !
E-insites is reviewed as an Irresponsible Site Host.
! No Support !
E-insites has not been a reliable site host.
Trouble ticket response time is very slow and unresolved
tickets sometimes vanish without any action. You can call and
leave a number as instructed and Never Get a Return Call.
 They claim they have been working weeks to just get
functioning email but can not seem to do it !

They make claims that they can not keep.
The problem will be permanently fixed with 24 hours should mean just that.

This is just an opinion after trying to work with e-insites to provide what they advertise.

Affordable site hosting is No Good if
They Can Not Give Support.

Do your own search for "e-insites review" and you will see:
only 2 out of 5 for 16 reviews at

only 2 1/4 stars out of 6 reviews at

Only 1 star at http://www.xomreviews.com/www.e-insites.com



 E-Insites Site Hosting SUXS !

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