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Air Purifier, Air Cleaners, Negative Ionizer, Air Filters,
Commercial, HEPA, Electronic, and UV air purification products.

Room, home, office, business, or commercial air purifiers, air cleaners, ionizers, UV light, and air filters for your every need. Control dust, mold, odor, pollen, allergies, and viruses. Better your health by creating better indoor air quality for a clean indoor environment with one of our quality air purification products.

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  • commercial air cleaners: Smokemaster, Lakeair, MiracleAir, A.Q.E. 
  • ionic air ionizers: Surround Air
  • ozone ionizer purifier: Commercial UV, IC-3 Industrial
  • media air filters: Air Sponge, Lakeair, CAP
  • germicidal ultraviolet light: Bio-Fighter, CAP
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